Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HBCU Getaway

The HBCU Getaway is a NEW 6 day 5 night annual Caribbean getaway produced by the same Team that has brought you the very successful Memorial Day Getaway over the last 13 years.  This event is designed to celebrate and create awareness of the HBCU history, and discuss the present and future status. We think it’s an essential part of Black culture that needs to be celebrated, supported and maintained. This Event will promote networking and relationship building among Historically Black College and University Alumni.  However, you don’t have to be a graduate of one of the 107 institutions identified as HBCU. Black education has extended globally now. This international event honoring Black education in a fun-filled atmosphere is an example of that. It all takes place Labor Day Weekend in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic!

Where is Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic?

Founded in 1502, Puerto Plata, is one of the longest established ‘New World’ settlements in the Dominican Republic. It is the third largest city in the DR and is located on the central North Coast of the island. It is referred to as the “Silver Port”. The people of Puerto Plata and the DR were voted as the most tourist’ friendly in the Caribbean.

What are the dates for the HBCU Labor Day Getaway?

The main event will take place on Thursday Au. 31st– Tuesday Sept 4th, 2023.  However, you can arrange to stay as long as you want to for the same discounted rate. The minimum length of stay is 3 nights.

What Deposit is Required and is there a Payment Schedule?

 Our objective is to make this trip very affordable with a variety of room accommodations and payment methods. All bookings require a non-refundable $100, $150 or $250 deposit by each person depending on the date of your registration and room type. Each person MUST make the required initial deposit within two weeks of the date of the registration. All final payments must be made 30 days before the event start date or the room will be cancelled.

What airport in the Dominican Republic is most convenient for this event?
The first option is Puerto Plata (POP) and Santiago (STI) second. STI is a larger airport with more flights and you may be able to get more flight options and better rates through STI. Airport transfers are provided free from the Puerto Plata airport. If you fly into Santiago you are responsible for your own transfers but we’ll connect you with our transfer partner and other MDG guests to minimize the transfer cost.
When is my room Confirmed?
LDG will begin a formal booking and secure a guest’s reservation only after all named registered guests have made their initial deposit, all dates of travel are clear, as well as contact numbers and e-mail addresses are available for all guests. Confirmation letters are not sent to guests until beginning Aug 1.
What travel documents are required for the Dominican Republic?
A valid passport is required for travel to and from the Dominican Republic
Are there any discounts for the HBCU Getaway? Are there group discounts?

Yes, We have Group discounts available. The minimum group size is 10 and the maximum for a single group is 20. You can have multiple groups but for administrative purposes we have a min and max group size. The group eligible for the discount MUST be defined by leader and individual traveler name within 30 days from the initial request. 

Do I have to book through NextLevel Vacations?
Yes, you must book through NextLevel Vacations and the MDG to receive the best value vacation getaway. This way you get the variety of accommodations, access to VIP facilities, and the all-access Party Pass to all MDG events included in your room cost.
What if I find a better rate at the host hotel or book through some other travel provider?
You can do this but you will not have access to the MDG events. You will be required to buy a Party Pass to be an MDG guest will full access and privileges. If you book at another resort, you will also be required to pay a daily resort access fee of $100 since the resort is gated.
What if I book at another resort and want to attend HBCU Getaway at the host resort?
The MDG offers guest an all-inclusive experience. Guest must book through the MDG website to get access to all MDG events without additional cost. There are Tour Operators who offer lower accommodation cost. However, these operators incur none on the cost of producing the numerous signature events that make the MDG what it is. Therefore, anyone who does not book directly through the MDG website will need to purchase an all access Party Pass to participate in any exclusive MDG event. You will be required to buy an all access Party Package to be an MDG guests with full access and privileges. You will also be required to pay a daily resort access fee of $100 just to get on the gated resort if you stay at another non-host resort. Some MDG events are conducted off the resort to create a more robust experience for guest as it relates to the Dominican culture. For all off resort events the food and beverage is not included. The event talent, performing artists and transportation, however, are funded by the MDG.
What is the cancellation policy
Guest cancellations are extremely costly & time consuming for NextLevel Vacations and our associate travel professionals to administer correctly. In all cases when a guest, of his or her own choice, cancels in advance of the trip or fails to show up for any reason such action will be deemed a trip cancellation. Our policy is “all payments are non-refundable”. Our policy is stated in the terms and conditions located on our registration form. This policy is also communicated twice on invoice statements to each group. If a person has to cancel for any reason, we will credit only the “initial deposit” showing their intent to attend, forward to the next year’s event. Any payments made after the initial deposit are not refundable. If a guest is able to find a new replacement who does not currently have an initial deposit in place, we will transfer all of their payments to that new person. We think this is fair and balanced. It is consistent with our policy of “all payments are non-refundable”. We could not take the risk of doing this type of international event with its scope and complexity with any confidence without a policy like this.
Can I stay longer than 5 days?
Yes, you can stay as long as you want to. Many MDG guests stay past 5 nights to enjoy their time in the DR. This is a Big 6 day 5 night party with a lot of fun. It can also be a time to take a very relaxing vacation for as many days as you’d like to stay. The same discounted rate applies. Just contact us for rates
Is my room type guaranteed?
The same as many Resorts, the Host Resort communicates in the confirmation letter that they reserve the right to change any confirmed room depending on their internal needs. If a guest does not get the room that they booked and paid for we will guarantee you the same value. If the Resort changes a room type, the MDG will reimburse the difference in price between the room you receive and the room your booked and paid for.
What is the name of the resot?

The host resort is Lifestyle Holidays Resort and Vacation Club located in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic.

What is an HBCU?

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are institutions of higher education that were established before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the intention of primarily serving the African American community. Most of these institutions were founded in the years after the Civil War and are concentrated in the Southern United States. There are 101 HBCUs down from 121 that existed in the 1930s. The share of total Black students currently attending HBCUs is 8.5%. This is down from 13% in 2000. 

Is This An All-Inclusive Vacation resort? What does that mean?

This is a mandatory all-inclusive vacation resort. The Labor Day Getaway controls the room cost and the All-Access Event Cost. You will pay the Labor Day Getaway for your room and your all-access Event Pass will be included in your room cost. The Resort controls the mandatory all-inclusive cost. This cost is paid directly to the Resort at check in. The resort accepts all major credit cards and debit cards.